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A podcast about acting -- just the work. by Peter Rinaldi

“Part of Being an Actor is Living All the Time with a Certain Sensitivity”: Robbie Tann, Back To One, Episode 271

Photo: Storm Santos

You might know Robbie Tann from Preacher, The Deuce, or when he played Billy on Mare of Easttown, or Whitty in the “Mazey Day” episode of the latest season of Black Mirror. Currently he plays Shipley in this year’s most exciting and original sci-fi film, The Creator. On this episode, he tells how the run-and-gun style of shooting on that production, combined with the cast and crew’s infectious passion for the project, helped with all aspects of his work. He explains why he now bypasses a straightforward “roadmap” of preparation, focusing instead on letting the role seep into his unconscious. And he talks about what a director can do to get the best of out him while still respecting the ideas he brings to the set. Plus much more!

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