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Scott Kirsner and Peter Broderick are bringing their Distribution U. to New York and Los Angeles November 13 and 20, respectively. Among the various presentations dealing with independent marketing and distribution in New York will be a case study of Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop. In L.A., singer-songwriter Jill Sobule will be talking about how she reinvigorated her recording career through crowdfunding and an online community. I’ll be leading one of the seminars in New York.

Here is how the event is described:

Designed and presented by leading distribution strategist Peter Broderick and cutting-edge author and tech analyst Scott Kirsner, this is a unique event that informs and engages its participants in new ways. The Distribution U. audience is active — film industry professionals and emerging filmmakers absorbing new ideas and sharing their experiences. Distribution U. focuses on the newest strategies and the latest tactics that actually work, avoiding theoretical predictions about the future. There’s interactive brainstorming — an opportunity for you to get ideas for your current project. You’ll sit down for in-depth lunch discussion groups with industry experts. You’ll hear how successful filmmakers built an audience and made the distribution decisions for their latest projects. And you’ll engage in resource-sharing and networking with the other participants….

Distribution U. is an event unlike any other. It is panel-free and hype-free. Information is candid and real, coming from filmmakers and key members of their distribution teams. We tap the experience of our participants, along with the knowledge of speakers and resource people. There is a collective sense of mutual support and collaboration. It’s designed to produce constructive ideas you can actually act upon — not confusion or anxiety!

Distribution U. is offering two treats for Filmmaker readers. The first is a discounted registration. Click on the above links for pages that knock down the early bird (due November 3) and regular registrations 7.5%. And, below is an audio exclusive to Filmmaker of two of last year’s events. In it, producer Cora Olson talks about how she handled the distribution and marketing of her 2008 Sundance romantic comedy, Good Dick, and director Sacha Gervasi does the same for his 2008 Sundance doc Anvil: The Story of Anvil. Broderick and Kirsner moderate. The conversations last about an hour and are embedded below.

Or, download the MP3 by right-clicking here.

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