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in Filmmaking
on Mar 16, 2005


Jake Brooks provides the first media coverage of the IFP’s Producer’s Group, a gathering of some 50+ Gotham producers gathered last year to discuss the high costs of indie shooting in New York. With IATSE hiking pension and welfare benefits to over $100 per day per IA crew member, a group of producers, spearheaded by Jason Kliot, Joana Vicente, and Gretchen McGowan of Open City and HDNet and including such folks as John Penotti and Tim Williams of GreeneStreet, Ted Hope and Anthony Bregman of This is That, and John Sloss of Cinetic Media, met to discuss ways in which the collective power of the group could promote changes making easier to shoot low-budget films in New York.

Details Brooks about the forming of the group:

“The e-mails that bounced from inbox to inbox had the urgency of distress signals. Last year, during the typically serene summertime for moviemakers, the independent film community in New York City was responding to a call to arms. Over 50 independent producers and members of local production companies gathered far from the public eye in the Soho basement of the HERE arts space. While noshing on pretzels and Cheetos and drinking soda out of Styrofoam cups, they discussed their one common agenda: reducing the cost of film production in New York City.

‘This is the first time I’ve seen everyone in one room without a cocktail in your hands,’ said HDNet Films’ Jason Kliot jokingly over the drone of the A/C. Sober and determined, they went to work.”

Read Brooks’ article for more…

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