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Over at Movie City Indie, Ray pride has scores of new posts and links up, three of which particularly caught my eye.

First, he notes the forthcoming Rubber Johnny, a new short film and 40-page book by the greatest director in the world… er, I mean, the interesting U.K. music video director Chris Cunningham. The film will be scored by Cunningham’s frequent collaborator Aphex Twin.

And then there’s an interesting article in the French-language Liberation about how French distribution great Marin Karmitz, citing economic reasons, has unilaterally made the decision to release Gregg Araki’s new film, Mysterious Skin on digital projection only in France. Apparently Araki wasn’t informed.

And then, finally, a piece he picked up via Green Cine Daily: this promotional short on the Apple Site in which the great editor Walter Murch discusses the new Apple application Soundtrack Pro, which looks to be the Mac riposte to Pro Tools.

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