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Our friends over at the essential GreenCine Daily linked to this 1995 interview between media programmer Chris Dercon and filmmaker and artist Chantal Akerman, and that gives me a chance to link back to this blog I wrote a few weeks ago about Akerman’s current gallery installation at the Marian Goodman gallery.

At the time I posted it, there were no press images available of the exhibition, but now there’s one, posted here, which captures the double-screen setup onto which Akerman’s quite powerful family history is projected. And here’s Akerman from the interview:

“Anyway, I don’t really believe in the difference between documentary and fiction. Take for example a film with Marilyn Monroe. If you look at it 20 years later, it has become a documentary on Marilyn Monroe, the way she rolls her eyes, moves her arms. And of course it’s also a document of an era. The same goes for the material in which a film is made, the grain of the celluloid tells us just as much about the period or the breath of an actor. I hardly or don’t ever make a difference between documentary and fiction.”

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