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Josh Horowitz has a good conversation with writer/director Whit Stillman up on his Better than Fudge blog. His transcribed phone call works as a solid “part two” to Anthony Kaufman’s piece in the current Filmmaker which discussed the making of Metropolitan on the release of the film’s new Criterion release.

Here’s the end of the piece, but click on the link above to read the whole thing:

“JH: What do you miss most about making films?
WS: Number one, an income. Number two, director’s guild health insurance. Number three I just miss the extroverted production life, being around technicians and being constructive. I’m not a loner. The loner lifestyle of a screenwriter is not something that appeals to me except when I’m shooting a film and then it seems very appealing.
JH: Do you feel you still have something left to prove as a filmmaker?
WS: I have enormous stuff left to prove.
JH: You’ve been very well praised critically over your career. What validation do you need?
WS: The current situation is a little scary because there have been good reviews in the past but I think most of those people are dead or retired.”

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