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The filmmakers behind a short entitled Sex, Love and Z Parts have started a blog in which they’re showing the world that festival acceptance isn’t everything. They’re gearing up for a showcase screening at an L.A. theater where they’ll prove the naysayers wrong.

Here’s from their inaugural post:

Ok let’s get something straight; I have no regrets. Sundance doesn’t want me, boo -fuckin’ hoo. Slamdance don’t wanna dance, well call me Gloria ’cause I will survive bitch. I shot this movie and it’s the tits!

ok…that’s better. So let me fill you in on a few things. I shot a short to get into the game. Now before you start with all your “oh here we go another bitter dude who has just found out that life take a little work” soliloquy let’s state the facts.

I did not go the mini-dv, wing and a prayer route for world domination….oh no. I shot on super 16mm bitches. I have 15 speaking roles, I got 12 locations, I got a car stunt, a fight sequence. My DP is the fuckin’ tits and I’ll bus’ you in the mouth if you say different. I have 5 cameos, a money sound track.. and some funny ass dialogue. Oh yeah and I’m $50K in the hole.

But they hate me. They hate me, they hate me, they hate me, they really fuckin’ hate me. But whatever, I got a pound of weed and 9 months left on my withoutabox account (speaking of which could you sort the festivals by final deadline…who gives a fuck about the initial deadlines). I am up in this blog to put it down for all you aspiring filmmakers and those of you that have made it and need a good laugh.

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