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on Apr 19, 2006


The Hamptons International Film Festival has announced the projects chosen for its Sixth Annual Screenwriters Lab, to be held this coming weekend in East Hampton. The chosen writers will develop their scripts with mentors Warren Leight, Whit Stillman, Charles Randolph and Alison Maclean.

From the press release:

During the lab in the Hamptons, our emerging screenwriters will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one each day with established screenwriting mentors who will advise them on how to develop their scripts. Within this intimate environment, our screenwriters are encouraged to take risks and discover new possibilities for their projects. Participants
also attend group discussions over meals, while evening events bring them together with board members, sponsors, the local artistic community, and other friends of the Festival.

Following the lab, The Hamptons will assist writers in making contact with friends of the Festival, including industry producers, agents, and development executives, and continue to support the writers as they revise their scripts. We will hold screenplay readings and eventually invite films developed at the Screenwriters’ Lab to screen at the Hamptons Film Festival. This process allows the Lab in conjunction with the Festival to establish a community and ongoing support structure that develops and promotes diverse voices, artistic ambitions, and the audiences that rejoice in both.

And, also from the press release, here are the four projects:

TWELVE by Jordan Melamed (based on the novel by Nick McDonnell)

* TWELVE explores the emptiness of material desire and excess among privileged teens on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

* THE STEINS by David Wain, Heidi Neurauter and Amy Rice

THE STEINS tells the satirical story of four couples involved in the cut-throat competition to get their children into Manhattan’s most prestigious pre-schools.

* BRILLIANT PEBBLES by Jeffrey Altshuler (based on the novel by Joseph R. Egan)

BRILLIANT PEBBLES is a techno-thriller set at MIT that tells the story of Lexy Hadrian who, angry and depressed over the mysterious death of his revered grandfather, discovers a perverse plan to detonate a dirty bomb over Boston. In the final analysis, Lexy and a group of MIT’s top hackers are the only ones who can save the city.

* FACE VALUE by Gretchen Somerfeld (story by David Baxter and Gretchen Somerfeld)

FACE VALUE is the story of screen siren Hedy Lamarr, who shot to stardom in the early 1940s and at the same time, with composer George Antheil, created and patented her invention for frequency hopping in an effort to stop the Nazis in World War II. This visionary concept would supply the U.S. Navy with a secure remote-control guidance system for torpedoes, and become the forerunner of revolutionary wireless communications (“Wi-Fi”) used globally by millions today.

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