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in Filmmaking
on Mar 21, 2007

There’s an interesting thread going on over at Jeffrey Welles’s Hollywood Elsewhere. Welles has been talking up Mike Binder’s upcoming Adam Sandler-9/11 pic Reign on Me, and a recent posting linking to Anthony Lane’s positive review has turned into a war between the talkbackers (one, Scooterzzz, in particular), and director Binder, who is replying on the site. Binder has challenged Scooterzzz to post his real name and to email Binder his address so Binder can refund him his admission; Scooterzzz says it was a press screening and that it’s impossible to compensate him for the lost two hours of his life. (For the record, Scooterzzz says he doesn’t hate the film so much; he just compares it to a Lifetime TV movie.) Along the way, there are discussions about the ethics of anonymous bashing, the British blonde who played Binder’s wife on his tv show, The Mind of the Married Man, and the appropriateness of a director answering his critics on internet message boards.

Here’s the Anthony Lane review, by the way.

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