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in Filmmaking
on Apr 27, 2007

Merrick over at Aint It Cool News posted a very fun piece of geek-out film news: Ridley Scott has completed reshoots of the Joanna Cassidy replicant shootout scene for the upcoming DVD final “director’s cut” of Blade Runner. He links to Film Ick, which provides details:

The shots are for the sequence in which Cassidy’s character Zhora is chased through the streets. In the original film, the chase shows Zhora in flat boots but previously we saw her put on heels – the reshoots feature heels; the control wires for the squib that released Zhora’s blood was previously visible – not any longer; a wound make-up that was missing in some angles is now in place; Zhora gets a second shot in the chest now, whereas she didn’t before; the lighting is much improved; several new angles have been taken and, depending on the edit, the sequence could end up looking rather different overall.

A subsequent posting clarifies that the material does not consist of replacement shots but “replacement shot elements” and that Cassidy re-suited in her clear vinyl outfit for the scene.

The story gives AICN the opportunity to link to a bunch of cool Blade Runner stuff, including a rarely seen deleted scene and, in multiple links, the British doc On the Edge of Blade Runner in which the filmmakers discuss whether or not Deckard is a replicant.

For now, I’ll leave you with the original Joanna Cassidy scene:

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