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in Filmmaking
on Jun 23, 2008

Remember that Phil Dick-ian John Carpenter movie, They Live? In it, a special pair of sunglasses allows you to see the world as it really is, with all of the government’s subliminal messages exposed. I thought of that film while reading this blog post at Seeking Alpha entitled “How Video is Going to Take Over the World.” It summarizes a Forrester research reporter claiming that we are entering an age of “Omnivideo,” in which video playback will occur on multiple surfaces all throughout our daily life.

From the post, quoting Forrester:

“Once video becomes this easy to produce, deliver, store, and share, every agent in society will not only want to participate but will have to participate in order to have a shot at reaching people with its products and services.”

In his view that means:

Consolidation and collaboration will increase even faster than before. But the pick-a-winner approach to integrating content with devices will get blown wide open as companies like Sony (SNE) and Panasonic realize they can’t bet on a single partner but have to o?er access to all major content partners.

Companies will continuously “broadcast” video from inside the enterprise. The Internet has forced marketers to go far beyond a few ads and some brochures in their communications e?orts. The shift to video will be much more taxing because companies have to have a strategy for communicating every message — internal or external — with video.

Every video surface will become a marketing platform. When nearly every surface in your environment can display video, marketers will pay a pretty penny to show up at the bottom of a food bowl or in a bathroom mirror, where their product marketing message will be far more relevant than it is on a TV today. “The only broker of this ad space in your home is you: We envision ad networks one day paying you for the right to aggregate your ad experiences.”

I thought of the Carpenter film when reading this comment by a poster called Big Bear Lake Hostel:

Someone will invent intelligent “media blocker” sunglasses for city people which will block out or noise cancel all electronic noise and video and replace all advertising with screen saver type images of your own choosing. how about wanting through times square and only hearing your favorite song, and what humans are saying around you, and instead of billboards everywhere you saw images from your flickr account wallpapering the buildings around you. a short of realtime TIVO for your physical reality..

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