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in Filmmaking
on Oct 14, 2008

“One truism of being a documentary filmmaker is that your subjects often continue to make news long after your film has wrapped and is widely seen,” writes AJ. Schnack at his All These Wonderful Things blog. “Kicking off a new feature here at the blog, Sam Green, the co-director of the Oscar-nominated THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND, writes about Ayers’ return to prominence and the mixed feelings it provokes for the director.” What follows are Green’s thoughts about Ayres, who he got to know through the making of his documentary, his sudden emergence as an issue in the Presidential campaign, and both Ayres’ and Green’s media strategy of the moment.

An excerpt:

As depressing as this whole Bill Ayers thing has been, I am hopeful about one thing, and that is that I don’t think that it will work. It was pathetic enough when Hillary trotted this shit out, but today, with the financial meltdown and all the other REAL issues that we’re facing, I just can’t see how this desperate, bankrupt ploy by McCain and his VP-pick will turn things around.

To learn more about Green or purchase his doc, visit his website. (Hat tip: Green Cine.) The film’s trailer is below.

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