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“CORPO CELESTE” | director, Alice Rohrwacher

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Sunday, January 22 9:00 pm –Broadway Center Cinema 6, SLC]

When we see something perfectly intact in nature, like a wonderful butterfly, with its incredible composition of shape and colors, in Italian we immediately say “look, it seems fake!”

On the other hand, when we contemplate an object, skillfully crafted by human hands, like a butterfly put together through hours of patient work by a talented artisan, we say “wow, it looks real!”

There is a strange area where the perfectly natural and the perfectly artificial collide. This point of contact needs to be investigated: I sense something intriguing and somehow disturbing there, that forces us to take some distance, to step back for a moment.

I think this has something to do with my need to make films. It started for me with the need to investigate and understand reality, to get even closer to reality. But then I sort of realized that to understand reality you need to step back, to keep some distance: to elaborate dialogues, images, to work with actors and their intentions, to learn the sound of light and the sound of shadow.

My desire is to make films as a means to find a necessary image, an image that can carve into the unease we feel around us–an image as true and as light as possible.

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