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in Filmmaking
on Sep 1, 2009

With news today from Variety that the Criterion Collection will release some IFC Films titles on DVD and Blu-ray (including A Christmas Tale and Gomorrah in Nov. and Che and Hunger in Dec.) I’m curious what other IFC titles should get the coveted Criterion treatment.

1) In The Loop – Not only would director Armando Iannucci do a great commentary but also included could be episodes of the inspiration for the film, the BBC series The Thick of It. Essay could be written by David Frost (hey, this is a wish list, I can dream).

2) Antichrist – Yes, sex sells, but there’s more to why Criterion should take on Lars von Trier‘s horror. Having a good track record with the director already, having done amazing releases for The Element of Crime and Europa, just imagine what von Trier would unveil as inspirations for this film (do we want to know?).

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