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in Filmmaking
on Sep 28, 2009

Terence Nance was in the IFP Rough Cut Lab with his very original How Would You Feel in 2008. Now he’s raising finishing funds using a crowdsourcing approach. He only needs five grand. Donate up to $40 and you get a DVD of the film. From $40 – $250 you get a DVD and T-Shirt. From 250 – $1,000, all of the above, a “Special Thanks” credit, and a one-night stay at the filmmaker’s home. More than a grand? All the above, a producer credit and your investment treated as an equity investment.

Here’s how Nance describes the movie:

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? is a narrative(ish) feature by Terence Nance. The film documents the story of a quixotic artist and mysterious “it” girl, who, unbeknownst to her, was cast to play herself, in this loosely fictionalized account of real life events. These events document their relationship, which teeters at the edge of platonic and romantic. The ambiguity of their rapport is fed by the inhibitory melodrama of their individual romantic pasts and present. The parable plays out in seven volumes and four appendixes composed of meticulously constructed dramatizations of the actual events, animations, and interviews with the subjects.

What’s more, you can check out Nance’s imaginative fundraising trailer below or, if you want to do a bit more due diligence, check out the first 15 minutes of the movie.

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