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As expected, Alex Holdridge’s inspirational interview — about the creative boost he received from making a life change and swapping L.A. and “the system” for a very different life in Berlin — prompted some spirited discussion in the comments section.

In case you read the article but not any of the dialogue that followed on from it, it’s definitely worth flagging up one of the comments — from Holdridge himself — that responded to director Zak Forsman’s list of things he loved about Los Angeles.

Here’s what Holdridge had to say:

I spent 8 years living there, making a film and writing many scripts. It offers all you said and more. As a point of clarification, of course I will be going to LA frequently to meet with actors and people in the industry. In fact, part of the new film takes place in LA. I simply needed new inspiration and for me it was time to get away, so I don’t plan on living there now. Personally I am pouring every penny into this new film and pulling the efforts of talented friends. My whole interest right now is doing all I can to hopefully make a good film. East coast, West coast riffs are not on my mind. Biggie and Tupac are both on my iTunes.

So I offer you eight things I genuinely do miss in Los Angeles that you didn’t mention:
1. The amazing comedy scene – Groundlings, UCB, Largo. It is a comedy lover’s paradise.  That mix offers the most ridiculously creative and funny community I know.

2.  Downtown – In spite of it all, I am still in love with that part of town.  My office was there, and I roamed those streets daily.  The Downtown Historic Theater Foundation is incredible and offers tours of the theaters on the weekends.  Great group.  Support them. They need it!

3.  The public library (Downtown and in Santa Monica). Movies, books, photo archives, free wifi, great setting. Script writer’s paradise.

4.  The Metro Expedition line.  I was obsessed with this, but it wasn’t finished before I left. I can’t wait for it to run all the way to the beach and ultimately change the city, and specifically my part – Downtown.

5.  The incredible Mexican food – Alegria in Silverlake is sorely missed.

6.  Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center productions. Great organization, and they put together fantastic plays and comedy shows to raise money. It is amazing.

7.  Light that is magic to film.

8.  Largo. For music and comedy. Following Sarah Silverman’s twitter feed is great, but it’s not the same as seeing her live at Largo. Likewise for Andrew Bird.

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