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“25 New Face” Terence Nance’s Film for Peace


Last Friday was the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, and a group of international artists and directors were commissioned to make works in celebration of this. Terence Nance, one of this year’s “25 New Faces,” collaborated on his contribution to the films4peace series with Hank Willis Thomas. His excellent short is embedded here, and you can read his and Thomas’ notes on the film below.

“For our film, we traveled to the woods in Maine to put ourselves in a serene environment that would communicate a sense of peacefulness to the viewer. We used the natural elements of the forest (trees, rocks, earth, water and light) to articulate the harmony of the landscape, and the relationship of the earth to the human body as the sustainer of life.

The male characters represent the body in conflict, divided against itself, in what appears to be an unsuccessful attempt to overpower the landscape with brute force. The female characters are the custodians of the forest, observing the males in their struggles, and ultimately relinquishing them from their torment. Peace.”

(Text via the films4peace website)

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