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Trailer Watch: J.C. Chandor’s All is Lost

I’m very excited to see J.C. Chandor’s follow-up to Margin Call, the sea-bound one-hander starring Robert Redford, All is Lost. The film comes out October 18 through Roadside Attractions, and at this point seems to be a lock to get Redford a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

Scott saw the film at Cannes, and below is some of what he wrote about it for the Filmmaker newsletter:

The film opens as an adrift shipping container hits Redford’s sailboat somewhere in the middle of the Indian Sea. Its hull punctured, the boat takes on water, quickly awakening a sleeping Redford. That’s minute two of the film. From that moment on, All is Lost becomes an action movie in that, quite simply, it is a movie depicting a series of actions — survival strategies and nautical maneuvers that Redford, with both cool composure and quietly mounting distress, undertakes to keep his boat afloat and himself alive.

Without the shot-countershot rhythms of dialogue-driven films, and with its elemental depiction of impending mortality, All is Lost allows you the space to ponder the Big Questions. And while its filmmaking is economical, unfussy, it still lets in the poetry. There are stunning images here, compositions that haunt by capturing so precisely the fragility of our life on this planet.

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