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Trailer Watch: Lance Bangs’ Slint Doc, Breadcrumb Trail

Epochal post-rock pioneers Slint are the subjects of a new documentary, Breadcrumb Trail, by Lance Bangs. In 1991, the Louisville-based band made the now-classic Spiderland for Touch and Go and, just before its release, promptly disbanded. In the years since, the album has remained enormously influential, making its mark on math rock, post-hardcore and various other sub-genres with out-of-date critical sobriquets.

As Ron Kretsch notes at Dangerous Minds, one thing pops out of this trailer: these guys were young when they laid down this thing! “So, how’d YOU change the world before you finished school?” he asks.

Here’s director Bangs from the press release:

My new feature length documentary Breadcrumb Trail is about Slint and the Louisville music culture they emerged from. It includes footage going back to the early 1990s that I shot when repeatedly driving up from Athens, GA to Louisville to try to chase rumors of what they guys were up to. Over the years I tracked down more stories about them, then began filming interviews with each of the band members and their contemporaries. We also unearthed some unseen/uncirculated footage from their few live performances as well as the writing and arranging of Spiderland.

Included in the doc are interviews with James Murphy, Steve Albini, David Yow, Ian MacKaye, amd Matt Sweeney, along with members of the band. The doc comes out alongside a mammoth remaster and reissue project from Touch and Go.

Screenings of the documentary are already lined up:

Roxie Theater, San Francisco March 20th followed by Q&A with Lance Bangs

Cinefamily, Los Angeles March 11, 12, 13 followed by Q&A with Lance Bangs

PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia March 14th & 15th followed by Q&A with Lance Bangs and Slint member David Pajo.

Meanwhile, listen to the album here.

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