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Short Film: Gooses, Directed by Shawn Sullivan and Joe Peeler

You know the best way to fall in love again with your city? Invite a friend to visit and see it anew through their eyes. Despite the truth of that statement, however, I can’t say that’s exactly what happens in Gooses, a lovely short film by directors Shawn Sullivan and Joe Peeler. Lucinella visits her “spirit animal” (actually, her sister Lore) in Los Angeles, and her trip is both an impressionistic journey through the sights of L.A. as well as a more nuanced tale of sibling rediscovery.

Gooses, which premiered on NoBudge and stars Zena Gray and Katy Knowlton, is excerpted from the second act of a feature screenplay that Sullivan and Peeler are developing. Writes Peeler, “Gooses is my first step toward Gem City, a feature film about a young woman in a quest across America, cyberspace and her own dreamscape to answer the question: ‘What is my life if not the story I tell of it?'”

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