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Watch: “Getting Stoned with Caveh,” with Guest Alex Karpovsky

You may recall that a decade ago, the ever-independent-minded Caveh Zahedi (A Little Stiff, I Am a Sex Addict) tried to launch a series, “Tripping with Caveh,” in which he and a guest would take hallucinogens and enjoy themselves. That didn’t pan out, for reasons Zahedi explains in this essay, so now he’s launched a lower-stakes version. You can get stoned with Caveh or not, and in this first installment Girls regular/Red Flag director Alex Karpovsky chooses to indulge. Not without a little prodding: “OK, so I’m gonna start getting stoned,” Zahedi says up top. “Maybe I’ll just wait a moment, keep you in suspense a bit,” says Karpovsky. “I say we just fly in this twilight of uncertainty for a little bit.” But eventually he caves in and the two circle each other in conversational sparring, with Karpovsky playfully resistant to Zahedi’s familiar brand of self-/other-interrogation. You’ve probably seen or experienced an exchange like the following: “Do you understand what I’m saying?” “Sometimes.”

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