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“I Deliberately Cut an Unusual Rhythm”: Graeme Clifford On Editing Don’t Look Now

In this excerpt from the Criterion Collection’s supplements for their now-out edition of Nicolas Roeg’s 1973 Don’t Look Now, Graeme Clifford discusses the fine art of keeping people off-balance without being too obvious about it. “There is a comfortable way of editing, where people want to be unaware of cuts,” he explains. “In most movies, that’s generally the way you want to go. But in this movie, I deliberately cut an unusual rhythm. I would hold shots when there’d seem to be no reason to do so, or I would cut off them too quickly, or I would cut to things that were 180 around and not in the same line.” What Clifford doesn’t discuss in this clip is the famous Julie Christie-Donald Sutherland sex scene; that’s probably cannily reserved for the disk itself.

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