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Watch: Exclusive Clip from Garrett Bradley’s Below Dreams

As Tribeca gears up for this year’s edition, one of last year’s Viewpoints selections, Garrett Bradley’s Below Dreams, opens in New York and Los Angeles. In the exclusive clip above, Bradley follows one of the characters of her atmospheric tryptic, Jamaine, as he hitches a ride home from a friend. Bradley had the following to say about the conception of Jamaine:

In following Jamaine’s story I had hoped to replace the public imagination around African American men with gold teeth, seen on street corners and stoops or in transit with a real presence that could be heard and not just seen. The role that aesthetics play in African American male identity, the pressures endured concerning one’s ‘look’ and how that plays into an ability to maneuver through life (and survive) was something we wanted to explore and make real for people. His story is personal and also far-reaching. I think particularly today where violence against black men is finally being exposed in popular culture. Understanding these scenarios from his perspective is, I think, becoming increasingly relevant.



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