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Watch: Effectively, Spike Lee’s Feature-Length Animated Film For NBA 2K16

It’s been a busy year for Spike Lee, whose Da Sweet Blood of Jesus came out earlier this year and who will bookend the year with his Chicago gang violence film Chi-Raq, out December 4. It turns out that his feature film release count for the year is actually three if you put together all the cut scenes for NBA 2K16, which clock in at nearly two hours. Hat-tip to Nick Newman over at The Film Stage for sharing this odd little item. As he notes:

It might make sense if Lee took the time to craft 10-20 minutes of generic cut scenes for a basketball game, so imagine my reaction when I discover actual filmmaking, conflicts, narrative arcs, and performances. (One section concerns a mooching friend and sees the team owner confront Freq, asking, “Would a brother go looking for trouble, and put your career and your livelihood at risk? By getting into fights at nightclubs and seedy after-hour joints?” Needless to say, this is not the most positive representation the league has had in a video game.) Oh, and Livin’ Da Dream is technically a sequel to He Got Game, what with agent Dom Pagnotti (Al Palagonia) taking an interest in your character.

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