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Watch: One Times One, A Short Film by Christopher Jason Bell

Yesterday we posted a conversation between filmmakers Christopher Jason Bell and Theodore Collatos about their films, practicing their craft, managing expectations and much more. Today we’re premiering Bell’s short film One Times One, which had its origins as excised footage from his feature debut The Winds that Scatter. As he explained: “For Winds, we ended up with a 3.5 hour assembly cut. There were a lot of things that I was very attached to that ultimately needed to go. One of them was a small arc in which Ahmad made friends with a man named Mike — he met this guy while looking for a job, an older white male who lost his arm in a car accident, now working at Medieval Times. I liked it, but it detracted from Ahmad’s story and ultimately seemed a tad bit out of place. I cleaved it, but one restless night I figured it might work on its own. I grabbed other deleted moments and put them together, and here I had this beautiful short about this friendship between two middle aged guys… one Arab male and one white male, another thing you never see in film.”

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