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Watch: The Dick Cavett Show with Brian De Palma and Martin Scorsese

With the release of De Palma, Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow’s documentary on Brian De Palma and his work, and Metrograph’s continuing De Palma retrospective, material reflecting on the filmmaker’s career continues to surface. This episode of The Dick Cavett Show from 1978 provides candid insight into the work of both De Palma and Martin Scorsese. Scorsese himself introduced De Palma at the DGA New York Theater on June 10.

In the discussion the two reflect on their working relationship, with De Palma declaring that the two “tend to be each other’s toughest critics.” When asked about differences in their working process, De Palma answers: “I think Marty gets these incredible performances from actors, mainly because he spends a lot of time on developing very deep character relationships. My movies tend to be so much function on a kind of stylization, and a kind of cinematic storytelling. They don’t depend on the character scenes as much as Marty’s movies do.” Scorsese later jokingly rejects a question about envying aspects of De Palma’s work.

Scorsese also shares an anecdote about being introduced to Robert De Niro by De Palma, setting up one of the greatest continuing collaborations in the history of cinema.





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