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on Sep 29, 2016

This is a photo of me from the set of Patricia Benoits Stones in the Sun which we shot in early spring in NYC Since it was a microbudget film we producers were very active in physical production so we dressed the part Im wearing a brown pleather jacket with a collar which is handy for clipping on the earpiece for my walkie talkie Under the jacket is a pullover cotton sweater because its still cold in NYC in early spring My blue jeans are tough practical and comfortable all important traits because you never know when you have to climb over or under or maneuver around something cables lights etc to get to somewhereespecially key in NYC where shooting spaces are often very tight Im wearing a sturdy leather belt which I use to clip on my walkie as well as my phone for easy access to both Lots of pockets are handy for call sheets sides production reports etc My large backpack allows me to carry a mobile office including a laptop since I move from set to set and between the production office and set My hair is pulled up into a bun so that it doesnt fly around in my face while shooting outdoors And you cant see them in the photo but Im wearing sneakers which are comfortable and easy to dash in should an emergency arise

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