The Past in the Present: Garrett Bradley on Time, Her Documentary about Activism and the Carceral State

Fox and Rob Rich in Time (Courtesy of Sundance Institute)

Filmmaker‘s Summer 2020 cover story, Ashley Clark’s interview with Time director Garrett Bradley is being published online today for the first time to mark the film’s New York premiere this coming Sunday (with virtual screenings continuing until September 25th) at…  Read more

By Jul 7, 2020

The Long Goodbye

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (courtesy of Utopia)

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By Jul 7, 2020

Let the Future Tell the Truth: Tesla Writer/Director Michael Almereyda and Kelly Reichardt in Conversation

Ethan Hawke in Tesla (Photo by Sean Price Williams, courtesy of IFC Films)

In Michael Almereyda’s pre-Katrina New Orleans–shot Happy Here and Now, David Arquette’s termite control specialist is preparing to shoot a film about Nikola Tesla in his off-hours. In a delirious rant, Arquette’s character muses about the Serbian-American scientist’s quest to…  Read more

By Jul 7, 2020

Shadowplay: The Artistic Benefits and Technical Challenges of Ozark‘s HDR Workflow

Jason Bateman in Ozark (Photo courtesy of Steve Dietl/Netflix)

Ozark is a “dark” show in every meaning of the word. The story of a criminal Missouri clan laundering Mexican cartel money through their riverboat casino is literally, metaphorically and photographically bleak. “Ozark is about what happens in the shadows…  Read more

By Jul 7, 2020

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