Trauma & Transformation: Alma Har’el on Her Shia LaBeouf Drama, Honey Boy

Noah Jupe in Honey Boy

Alma Har’el’s Honey Boy is an emotional prism, generating moments that are warm, traumatic, unsettling and scarring. So, it’s no wonder that the process of constructing such an intimate and emotionally shattering film was equally grounded in feeling. Har’el’s narrative…  Read more

By Sep 4, 2019

The Forever War


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By Sep 4, 2019

Emotional Exploration: Cinematographer Natasha Braier on Shooting Alma Har’el’s Honey Boy

Natasha Braier and Alma Har'el on the set of Honey Boy

Knowing that Alma Har’el worked in a fluid, in-the-moment fashion, and that dancing with the actors in the scene was key to the story, DP Natasha Braier started prep by going through the script and asking the director for each…  Read more

By Sep 4, 2019

The Soul that Remains: Paul Harrill on Light from Light

Marin Ireland in Light From Light

Paul Harrill’s Tennessee-set Light from Light, which premiered this year at Sundance, stars Marin Ireland as a paranormal investigator who may or may not believe in ghosts and Jim Gaffigan as a recent widower who still feels his wife’s presence…  Read more

By Sep 4, 2019

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