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Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger and Evan Rachel Wood in Kajillionaire (Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy/Focus Features)

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By Oct 28, 2020

Travel Companions: Steven Soderbergh on Cruise-Ship Shooting, Working with Deborah Eisenberg and Meryl Streep, and Let Them All Talk

Meryl Streep and Lucas Hedges in Let Them All Talk

In August 2019, when Steven Soderbergh shot Let Them All Talk, COVID-19 was not on his mind, except to the degree that his research on Contagion (2011) had convinced him that a pandemic similar to the one depicted in the…  Read more

By Oct 28, 2020

Flipping the Script: Mary Harron Interviews Radha Blank About Her Spirited and Wise New York Comedy, The Forty-Year-Old Version

Radha Blank in The 40-Year-Old Version (Photo courtesy of Jeong Park/Netflix)

In Radha Blank’s witty and winning feature debut, The Forty-Year-Old Version, the writer/director adopts a semiautobiographical persona: a hardworking middle-aged playwright and high school teacher who, between hustles to get her latest play produced and after the death of her…  Read more

By Oct 28, 2020

The Past in the Present: Garrett Bradley on Time, Her Documentary about Activism and the Carceral State

Fox and Rob Rich in Time (Courtesy of Sundance Institute)

Filmmaker‘s Summer 2020 cover story, Ashley Clark’s interview with Time director Garrett Bradley is being published online today for the first time to mark the film’s New York premiere this coming Sunday (with virtual screenings continuing until September 25th) at…  Read more

By Jul 7, 2020

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