Two Questions: Producers on Net Profits and Sharing Their Personal Lives

A man wearing a suit and top hat stands in front of walls lined with built-in bookcases, each shelf filled with VHS tapes.Kentucker Audley in Strawberry Mansion, courtesy of Music Box Films

In this new series of articles, Filmmaker poses two questions to producers, directors and other filmmakers. One question is directed toward the nuts and bolts of filmmaking—questions having to do with terms, practices, legal issues, technology and so on. The…  Read more

By Dec 15, 2022

The Carrier Bag Theory of Nonfiction Filmmaking: What Documentarians Can Learn from Ursula K. Le Guin

A woman in a blue floral house dress sits at a wooden dining table with a pen and paper, surrounded by curated clutter in wood-paneled room.For Your Peace of Mind, Make Your Own Museum, courtesy of the filmmakers

I teach documentary studies and production at the Skidmore College MDOCS program and run the MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute. When non-tenure track faculty recently organized to form a union, MDOCS curated a series of labor-related films to add to the conversation around labor organizing…  Read more

By Dec 15, 2022

An Interesting Question

Benita Raphan's 2 +2Benita Raphan's 2 +2 (courtesy of the Raphan Family)

When Penelope Green, an obituary writer for The New York Times, called to speak with me about Benita Raphan in April 2021, I was still in a place between sadness and disbelief. Benita, who was one of Filmmaker’s “25 New…  Read more

By Oct 11, 2022

A Tangent: Director Treva Wurmfeld Talks with Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard driving, courtesy of Treva WurmfeldSam Shepard driving, courtesy of Treva Wurmfeld

A decade ago, director Treva Wurmfeld appeared in our 25 New Faces while her feature debut, Shepard & Dark, was in post-production. The film is an intimate capturing of an often epistolary friendship between Sam Shepard and his friend, archivist…  Read more

By Oct 11, 2022

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