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The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

on Oct 24, 2012

Werner Herzog’s documentaries have been said to resemble fiction films more than they do conventional documentaries. His latest project, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, is no exception. The subject, the Chauvet Cave in the south of France, is home to some of the oldest works of prehistoric art. The cave floors are aligned with animal skeletons and gigantic stalactites,  and enclosed by rock paintings dating back as far as 30,000 years. The film marks Herzog’s attempt to lay bare what was previously only accessible to a committed group of archaeologists, scientists, and conservationists. Under the director’s lens, the Chauvet Cave becomes a poignant metaphor for the endurance of the creative spirit, a playground for Herzog’s imagination. The documentary was theatrically presented in 3D, and marked a successful use of the medium. While presented in 2D on VOD, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is engrossing enough to reach viewers beyond the screen.

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