Sympathy, Said the Shark: Shooting in POV


Writer, director and editor Devin Lawrence says that when he set out to make Sympathy, Said the Shark he’d already gone through two projects which had stalled out due to lack of financing, so he decided he had to come…  Read more


Seeing in the Dark with the Sony a7S

Low-light samples from the Sony a7S - Courtesy of PhilipBloom.NetLow-light samples from the Sony a7S - Courtesy of PhilipBloom.Net

When Sony announced the a7S mirrorless camera at NAB everyone was interested in its 4K capabilities, but it’s the low-light power of this camera that may be the true selling point. With the “S” standing for sensitivity, the a7S is…  Read more


“What is Bayhem?” The Secret of Michael Bay’s Shots


In the latest in his Every Frame a Painting series, film essayist Tony Zhou breaks down the visual language of the visually dynamic, sometimes-maligned (although not by Filmmaker!) Michael Bay, showing why his shots still pack more punch than your…  Read more


Watch: How to Hack a Lomo Camera Fisheye Lens for a DSLR


Australian artist/filmmaker Max Piantoni has a Lomo camera sitting around that’s not much good for anything these days, but he thought he could reappropriate the fisheye lens for a DSLR to cool ends. So he took a hammer, smashed apart…  Read more