On Golden Frog: The 22nd Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography

Bending the LightBending the Light

Located in the nearly unpronounceable Polish town of Bydgoszcz, Camerimage – the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography – is the must-attend event of the year for DPs, aspiring DPs, or any cinephile prizing visual craft over auteur…  Read more


Watch: How to Highlight Depth of Field


As a two dimensional medium, film employs a handful of techniques to convey a greater depth of field than what exists in a given frame. In this handy video, cinematographer Matthew Rosen breaks down his five favorite ways to highlight…  Read more


Five Questions for Drone Boning Drone Porn Creators Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci

Drone Boning

Drones. Porn. Directors Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci of Ghost Cow Films have taken what might have been a cynical, viral video SEO-mashup and delivered something deeply weird and oddly hypnotic. While Drone Boning features couples having sex (so, yes,…  Read more


Cinematographer Reed Morano on the Fight Against TV’s “Smooth Motion” Setting

Reed MoranoReed Morano

“Stop motion interpolation!” is the call on a petition urging TV manufacturers to disable the default “smooth motion” setting on new televisions. As the petition explains, “Motion Interpolation was an effect that was created to reduce motion blur on…  Read more