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DP Sherry McCracken on Cinematography vs Photography, Pre-Visualization and the Growing Ease of Equipment for Female Crew Members

In part two of this interview, DP of American Gothic Sherry McCracken discusses moving from photography to cinematography, what she’d do differently, and how lighter cameras make it possible for more women to work as cinematographers. You can read the first part of…  Read more

By Apr 18, 2017

DP Sherry McCracken on Shooting the Low-Budget Independent Feature, American Gothic

Sherry McCracken, DP for the upcoming independent feature American Gothic, came to cinematography later in life. She grew up taking photographs, operated her own portrait business and worked in local television, but then she turned to IT because she felt…  Read more

By Apr 17, 2017

Lensing the Real Unreal: DP Adam J. Minnick on Shooting Actor Martinez

On the set of Actor Martinez (Photo by James Dimagiba)

“It’s a job.” –Arthur Martinez I had two features as a cinematographer under my belt by late June of 2015, both close and comfortable collaborations with a single director: Joel Potrykus (Buzzard, The Alchemist Cookbook). It seems fitting that he…  Read more

By Mar 28, 2017

~29 Movies Shot on 35mm Released In 2016

This is my third time rounding up the previous year’s US theatrical releases shot in 35mm, and this year’s number is substantively lower than 2014 (39) and 2015 (~64). This seems like an anomaly, not a permanent trend: following the high-profile…  Read more

By Feb 22, 2017

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