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Filmmaker Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale: Subscriptions 50% Off!

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on Nov 25, 2016

We tastefully waited until noon to post here our first-ever Filmmaker Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. (See coupon codes below.) It’s simple and straightforward: subscriptions, both print and digital, are 50% off. That means a print subscription is $9 and a digital subscription is only $5.00. Digital gets you a year of online access to not just the four print editions — which you can read online, through your browser, or which you can download as PDFs — but also all back issues up until 2007. It’s a huge resource. For $4 more, you get all of that and the print issues in the mail. A print subscription now will start with our Winter issue, which will arrive late January, but with either subscription your digital access will start immediately.

Each print edition has articles and information that doesn’t make it out from behind our paywall. But, on a deeper level, a subscription is a way to support us generally, and to enable us to commission more articles on more topics of deep relevance to you as filmmakers and film fans. So, if you are succumbing to the national imperative to buy, buy, buy this Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you consider joining us at Filmmaker for then next twelve months.

The coupon codes are below:

Print, $9: black16print
Digital, $5: black16digital

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