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Watch (and Look): Teaser and Poster for LAFF Premiere, Everything Beautiful is Far Away

Several 25 New Faces — directors Andrea Sisson and Pete Ohs as well as star Julia Garner — grace the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere, Everything Beautiful is Far Away, which screens tonight at 9:10 PM.

Here’s the festival capsule:

Traveling across a barren landscape, Lernert digs through piles of rubbish in an attempt to build a body for his companion, Susan, the unresponsive robot head who hangs from the back of his pack. The pair come across Rola, a spirited young woman who lacks survival skills but makes up for the deficiency with sheer determination. This unlikely trio navigates the harsh desert in search of a mythical water basin that could replenish their depleted resources and renew their will to carry on.

Bolstered by an enchanting score from Neon Indian, Everything Beautiful Is Far Away is a refreshing, fable-like debut from directors Andrea Sisson and Pete Ohs. Physical and symbolic isolation perfectly encapsulate modern concerns in this feature that is both thoughtfully sparse and rich with details.

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