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Trailer Watch: Khalik Allah’s IWOW (I Walk on Water)

“The path of the math is to go fast” — not even a year after the release of Khalik Allah’s second feature, Black Mother, the filmmaker has just released the first trailer of his new feature, IWOW (I Walk on Water). The film is said to be three hours long, and the trailer length — seven minutes — is thus appropriately relational.

Here’s Allah’s statement accompanying the video:

Peace. From the most illest iambic pentameter visual photographer. Allah’s 5% student doctor. I’m around the 85% again. Straight up Ren & Stimpy. The pitiful situation of my people is the person version of the Hieroglyphic ruins. What profits a man is a noble prophet. 4th Disciple and I rewrote the Proverbs from the problem book of the Akashic Records. But yo, this film, with the title, IWOW, is for niggas that’s sinister. Not all truth is square. Every angle that’s right isn’t an Angel; that’s the criteria of the selection of my editing. An agency of Seraphic host edited through me mentally carefully. Channeling, working high as the Elohim on this project for only 6 months. The kid with the JanSport sustained by the Love of God. Allah the Father sort of cinematographer. Other side of the parliament with Cream of Medina 5%. God is 7, indivisible, not invisible. Shooting, driving, feeling invincible. For freedom of my people I’m like Harriet Tubman. Christ Vision. This is Volume 3 of Supreme Wisdom.

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