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Contemplations and digressions from Filmmaker's Editor-in-Chief by Scott Macaulay

A Publication Message: Filmmaker‘s Summer 2020 Issue Will be Digital and Free for Subscribers

We’ve been wanting to publish this news regarding Filmmaker‘s Summer, 2020 issue for the last week, but we haven’t wanted to take space in your feeds while energies and attention have needed to be directed towards protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. But because our publication date is approaching, we are publishing this today.

Dear Reader,

I’m writing with news about Filmmaker’s Summer, 2020 issue as well as, for print subscribers, your subscription.

For reasons I will detail here, we’ve decided to make Filmmaker’s summer issue a PDF edition. Of course, the issue will be available to all subscribers online, behind our paywall, as well as in a digital edition through the Bluetoad magazine platform. But we won’t be printing it. This is due to the continued uncertainty around bookstore and newsstand sales, particularly in America’s major markets, as we head into June. A large percentage of our copies go to retail outlets, and, unfortunately most of these copies of our Spring, 2020 issue arrived at these stores just as they were being closed and as states were implementing their various stay-at-home orders.

Even as businesses around the country are reopening, the uncertain environment around in-store purchases makes this the most responsible decision for us and one that protects our long-term financial health.

Because of the change in format, we have decided to make this a free issue for subscribers; if you are a current print subscriber, your subscription will be extended by one issue.

The good news is that in addition to all our new and ongoing online content, we are continuing to publish our quarterly issues, and our Summer 2020 edition will be our highest-page count ever. Additionally, it will be specifically designed for tablet and digital consumption and should be a beautiful reading experience. Included will be our annual Film School Guide; articles on how teachers are adapting to education in the age of COVID-19; a special section on television leading up to the Emmys; and articles on how producers and financiers are viewing production in this disrupted time. There will also be a special expanded Reflections section with a host of filmmakers and film workers considering their creative, personal and political lives during this moment. Plus, of course, our long-form director interviews.

If you have any questions about the issue, you can email me at scott AT If you have any questions about your subscription, you can email subscriptions AT

Thank you for your support, and I hope you’re all healthy and well.


Scott Macaulay

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