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IFP Rebrands Itself Gotham Film & Media Institute

Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP, Filmmaker‘s publisher), announced today that it is renaming itself The Gotham Film & Media Institute, or, simply, “The Gotham.”

From the IFP’s email to members:

For over forty years, IFP has worked to advance the groundbreaking, enduring, challenging culture of independent film.

In that time, we’ve grown from a grassroots marketplace into a year-round organization with an annual conference, awards, labs, a membership community and a mandate to support storytellers across a wider range of media.

Along the way, we’ve also outgrown our brand.

So to better support our mission—and an expanding role in the film & media community—we’re taking the occasion of the 30th annual Gotham Awards to simplify and strengthen our own identity.

As of January 11, IFP will be The Gotham Film & Media Institute, aka The Gotham.

In a Variety interview, IFP Executive Director Jeffrey Sharp explained the change: “We’ve kind of moved beyond ‘project,’ and ‘independent filmmaker,’ while still core to who we are, doesn’t necessarily embrace or capture where the organization has been moving over the past few years in terms of episodic and audio and interactive media. And while it served us well, we’re really excited about what the opportunity will present in terms of our growth.”

Watch a video released above by IFP in which IFP board members and various members of the community, including IFP founder Sandra Schulberg, producers Christine Vachon and Anthony Bregman, and journalist and producer Soledad O’Brien speak to the new identity.

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