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Watch: David Ehrlich’s 25 Best Films of 2021

Indiewire critic David Ehrlich is back with what is always the most beautifully realized and most pleasurable to take in “best films of the year” list — his annual video countdown of the year’s best cinema. As always, much of the joy comes from Ehrlich’s unexpected editorial rhythms, ingenious match cuts and savvy music choices, drawn from the year’s films, which here range from the Sparks’s Annette score to Louis Armstrong.

Last year, in order to justify the huge amount of time it takes Ehrlich to make these videos, he decided to urge viewers to support a charity chosen by the director of the list’s top film. Last year that director was Garrett Bradley, and this year’s it’s Jane Campion (spoiler!), who chose three Texas non-profits who work to support women’s reproductive rights in the state.

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