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A podcast about acting -- just the work. by Peter Rinaldi

Back to One, Episode 208: Luke Bracey

in Columns
on Jun 21, 2022


Luke Bracey didn’t dream about being an actor when he was a kid, he didn’t study the craft, and on his first job, which came from his very first audition, he didn’t even really know when he should start saying the lines. But with roles in films like Point Break, Hacksaw Ridge, Holidate and the soon-to-be-released One True Loves, he has built a career with his instinct, experience, and innate talent. Now he plays Jerry Shilling in the Baz Luhrmann blockbuster Elvis. He talks about what stopped him from getting overwhelmed by that “old school” big movie production, the value of energy management, the “privilege of pressure,” getting the “kick in the butt” he needed at the right moment, and bringing it all back to “if you believe it, we’ll believe it.” Plus much more!

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