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Leading up to our 18th birthday, I’ll be revisiting on the blog one issue of Filmmaker a day. Today’s is Spring, 1993.

For whatever reason, nothing from our third issue — Spring, 1993 — made it over when we ported to WordPress. Ted Hope had a lot of material in this issue: an interview with producer-turned-NYC film commissioner Richard Brick; a profile of up-and-coming d.p.’s; and a tutorial on how to break down a script. Also in this issue was Peter Bowen with our cover story on Nick Broomfield’s doc, Aileen Wuornos, a story that in its dramatic retelling would win Charlize Theron an Oscar a full decade later. Of special note in this issue were two pieces on the Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary, Silverlake Life: The View from Here. Broderick told the story behind this amazing film, in which filmmaker Tom Joslin told on video the story of his relationship with his lover, Mark Massi. Both were dying of AIDS, and after Joslin passed away, friend and film student Tom Friedman stepped in to edit down the 100 hours of footage into a single film. In Bowen’s piece, he contextualized the film within the context of other pieces of video AIDS activism.

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