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A podcast about acting -- just the work. by Peter Rinaldi

“I Have to Tell Them the Truth, I Don’t Have a Choice”: Sarah Jones on Sell/Buy/Date (Back To One, Episode 227)

Renowned as “a one-woman global village,” Sarah Jones is a Tony Award-winning solo performer, writer, comedian and activist. Her directorial debut, Sell/Buy/Date, is a hybrid documentary/meta film which features Jones and four of her characters (all played by her) on a journey across the country to listen to real people telling personal stories about their experiences that land them on both sides of various aspects of the complex topic of sex work in America. On this episode, she talks about overcoming the many obstacles and controversies to bring this important film to life, how trusting in collaborators like cinematographer Joshua Weinstein meant so much to her as a first-time director who is also in front of the camera in every scene, why she had to make telling the truth her north star, plus much more! Sell/Buy/Date is currently playing in New York City and will be streaming on demand on November 8th.

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