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A podcast about acting -- just the work. by Peter Rinaldi

“If You’re Gonna Do It, DO IT. And Maybe It’s Wrong, and That’s Fine”: Owen Teague (Back To One, Episode 254)

A headshot of actor Owen Teague wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket.Photo by: Andrea Fremiotti

Owen Teague is only 24, but he’s already had an opportunity to show his range as an exceptional young actor in shows like Bloodline, Black Mirror, and The Stand, and films like To Leslie, Montana Story, and the new Nicole Holofcener film, You Hurt My Feelings (which opens Friday, May 26th). On this episode, he talks about gleaning “a lot” from the great actors he’s worked with, knowing when to “separate yourself,” the importance of feeling scared but not intimidated, discovering how central a character’s physicality is for him, plus much more!

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