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“You Have to Make it All Personal”: Tom Pelphrey, Back To One, Episode 291

(Photo: Skylar Reeves)

in Columns
on May 15, 2024

Since he was last on the podcast (Ep. 112), Tom Pelphrey has been nominated for an Emmy for his work on Ozark, he’s had juicy roles on Outer Range and David E. Kelly’s Love and Death, and now Kelly has given Pelphrey perhaps his most exciting role to date in the character of Raymond Peepgrass in Netflix’s A Man In Full. On this episode, Pelphrey takes us deep into his work on that limited series. He talks about why a good costumer designer is an actor’s best friend, what made him feel free to go “full weird” with Regina King, the importance of being an advocate for your character, and much more.

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