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“HOT COFFEE” | director, Susan Saladoff

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Monday, Jan. 24, 12:00 pm — Temple Theatre]

As a first-time filmmaker, being accepted into the U.S. Documentary Competition at Sundance was obviously the biggest surprise. But what was also a huge surprise was going back to read the outline that I wrote in the summer of 2008 when Hot Coffee was just a dream. After finishing the film in the summer of 2010, I reread my original outline and to my great surprise realized that the final version of the film was almost exactly what I had laid out in the outline, despite having not gone back to revisit it during production or postproduction (which of course would have been a smart thing to do).

I have to admit that I was very proud of myself for having a vision of what I wanted the movie to be and then accomplishing that vision. I believe that when I put 100 percent of myself into something, anything is possible. This film is a confirmation of just that.

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