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SCENE 2257, TAKE 2

Since I don’t think readers of this blog always click through to the occasional comments linked below the entries, I thought I’d highlight here a link provided by an anonymous respondent to my blog titled “The Skin Game,” below. In it I highlighted the absurdity of the Department of Justice’s new “2257” regulations and wondered why the indie community, which marshalled a veritable army of producers-turned-activists when promotional screeners were banned, has been completely silent on this issue which involves not only de facto censorship but privacy rights, sidestepping the Fourth Amendment and more. (Currently, the Free Speech Coalition, which is an adult trade group, is the only organization battling these regulations.)

In this article on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s website the organization notes “Why the DOJ’s 2257 Regulations Aren’t Just a Porn Problem” and explains more clearly the effect of these rules on bloggers, website operators, and online journalists.

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