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in Filmmaking
on Oct 30, 2005


Via GreenCine comes this link to a good new blog by Repo Man director Alex Cox. Click over to it and you’ll find Cox’s commentary on a forthcoming DVD “special edition” of his cult classic, news on possible new projects, and a bunch of interesting observations, from fancy L.A. hotels (“Hotels like this terrify my because they’re so fucking expensive. Even though my generous hosts paid for my bed and breakfast, every time you approach a door, some guy in a top hat opens it for you and you have to tip him ten bucks — whether you want to go through the door or not!”) to film recommendations (“Back on the plane to England I watch on my trusty laptop the DVD of a film called #33X Around the Sun. The director is John Hardwick, it was made last year. It’s the story of a nameless man wandering through the night-time streets of a nameless city. Supposedly it’s been compared to Rivette, but Eraserhead seems closer territory. Doesn’t matter. The thing is, it’s very, very good.”) to discussions of the politics involved in obtaining U.K. funding and re-releasing U.S. studio films on DVD.

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