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Anne Thompson’s industry column “Risky Business” lived for a while at Filmmaker before moving to swankier digs at The Hollywood Reporter. Now, Thompson’s opinionated takes on the intersection of films and the film business has spawned a blog. Bookmark it now.

And, via GreenCine, comes this notice of New York Times critic Dave Kehr’s blog, which is subtitled “Dave Kehr reports from the lost continent of cinephilia.” Kehr’s posts are great reads, like this early take on Harold Ramis’s upcoming Focus release, The Ice Harvest:

“After all the failed attempts to capture the flavor of the great noir novelists like Jim Thompson, David Goodis and Charles Willeford, here is the film that finally does it, and without betraying the slightest sign of self-consciousness. This is no stuffed-and-mounted ‘homage’ but a living, breathing film with a black heart and a sense of humor. Ramis demonstrates again how closely related comedy and suspense timing are, introducing his twists and reversals with the same dual sense of surprise and inevitability that sets up a great punch line. His control is perfect but his presence is imperceptible — one definition of high classical style.”

On the other hand, Ray Pride seems to be less impressed with Kehr’s blog and questions whether or not it’s a fake…

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