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The music-related Pitchfork Media is one of my favorite websites, and below I’ve linked two pieces from the site that have something to do with music and film. I thought I’d make it three with this link to a story up today about the U.K. band Underworld, whose “Born Slippy” was a big song on the Trainspotting soundtrack. The site reports that the members of Underworld are collaborating in an interesting way with Anthony Minghella on the soundtrack to his upcoming Breaking and Entering:

“Furthermore, the lads have teamed up with acclaimed film director Anthony Minghella and composer Gabriel Yared to score Minghella’s Breaking and Entering, which is scheduled for a spring 2006 release. But this isn’t your traditional filmmaker-musicmaker partnership. ‘We’ve kind of formed a band with the two of them,’ [Karl} Hyde said of Minghella and Yared. ‘We’ve been jamming here in Abbey Road [studios] for a while now and having a really good time, producing some very different music. We’re talking about not only an album from the movie, but another album and quite likely some live shows for the four of us.’ He said the group has even coaxed Minghella into showing off his piano-playing and lyric-writing skills.”

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