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Syriana director Stephen Gaghan is blogging over at the Huffington Post. From his inaugaral post:

“What’s the way in? My first blog. You only get one first time at anything. I’m on a plane. I’m drinking bad coffee. I’m promoting a new film, Syriana, that I’ve spent the last three and half years writing and directing, cutting and scoring, agonizing as recently as three weeks ago over details like the font and point size of the end-title scroll — I chose Highway Gothic, considered in some circles to be the new Helvetica.

Since this is an inaugural blog and it’s clear skies at 37,000 feet, I thought I might write a brief primer on corruption. As I travel around I often ask people if they know what corruption actually is and I’m surprised how few people really understand it. It seems it’s just another one of those words that have been politicized out of meaning. Corruption has been in the news with more frequency lately, but not nearly as much as it should be or as much as it will be.”

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