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Twitch, which is a great site covering what it calls “strange little films from around the world” (with a heavy emphasis on Asian art and genre films) links to Handcranked Films, a collective of filmmakers who include War (pictured) director Jake Mahaffy, one of Filmmaker‘s 25 New Faces of 2005. What I didn’t realize until Twitch’s piece is that Handcranked includes a number of other filmmakers, including Daniel Sousa and Jeff Slas, and that all of their work is featured on the site.

Here’s what Todd at Twitch has to say about them:

“Handcranked is a collective of film makers in the Boston area making experimental live action and animated films. It looks as though most of those involved spend their days either teaching about film or working on commercial projects, so this is where they stash their dreams. Gorgeously shot and just loaded with fantastic images I’m not at all surprised by the list of festivals these things have played at but I am more than a little stunned that I’d never heard of any of them before now … take a look. You won’t be disappointed.”

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