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in Filmmaking
on Jun 29, 2006

Spin and Stir runs a post today that purports to be a quiz given to applicants for an assistant position to director Doug Liman (Swingers, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Among the questions:

1) Doug wants to buy a sheep or a goat as a pet to keep at his farm in Hudson, NY. He wants to buy it this weekend. How would you go about making that happen. Extra points for actually locating a goat.

4) Doug has just found out he needs to introduce Senator Joe Biden. Write a few words for his introduction. The shorter the better. Comedy will score an extra point as will personal Doug details.

5) You find a crushed twinkie on some personal notes Doug has written on his copy of the script he is currently directing. What do you do with the notes?

6) Doug’s mother calls the office and asks where he is. He is skydiving. What is your answer?

7) Doug wants you to hire a pilot for his airplane in Toronto. It is a Mooney Bravo (M20T). His insurance requires the pilot to be instrument rated with 750 hours total time, 50 in type. How would you find this pilot. You should be as specific as possible.

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